Stare at the floor
As you wait for the call
Your body is chained here
Your mind's seeped out these walls
All that you want
Can't be found where you are
But here you must stay
Just for now

They say your name
And lights flicker and fade
You hold tight to your heart
And just smile
You can't stand the pain
But won't let a tear escape
Cause this is your home
For a while

And all of the glitter and bright fancy things
Don't help to ease the weight
Cause nobody sees you out in the wings
The darkness veils the hate

But just wait

Time passes by
But this charade won't die
Your life is a slave to these lies
No one understands
And as you raise your hands
You inhale and wait to be crucified

And this cult you have joined
Just because you were born
Seems to eat away at your pride
They don't see you
Cause they just want the mask
But I yearn for what's really inside

I know that it's dark
And the future seems grim
Cause you never seen the other side

But trust me in this
There is no greater cause
Then to live and be truly alive

And soon I believe
That they will all see
The you that I've come to know
And if they are blind
Then I offer you this

So you are grown
And this life’s now your own
Nothing tastes quite as good as free
Free to laugh, free to breathe
And to dance as you please
There’s so much that you have left to see

And though they might call you
The name you once were
No one can ever force you back
The bonds have been loosed
You’re free of the curse
Though there seems to be something you lack

But just wait