1. A Ghost

From the recording Songs Sung in Silence

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Why don’t you stand there
Why don’t you stare a little longer
Why don’t you wait and let the blood pour out

I guess it’s been awhile
Since you’ve seen someone in pain
You just sit there and let the life run out

Why are you still here
You’re not supposed to be hear
Obviously you can’t handle what’s dishing out

Someone in need
Can’t hear the plea
For some strange reason, you are all washed out

Where are the ones
Who used to live here
Guess they’ve been driven out
By some force untold
They used to cry out
For every bleeding heart
For every broken soul

Why don’t you sit back
I can see your struggling
Anguish in person, as you’ve never seen

Someone will be here soon
Gee, I hope me makes it
Maybe if someone had came a sooner to the scene

And now he’s leaving
His arms are stretched out
Say a prayer for the life that could have been

Where did they go
In a moment they were gone
Coulda sworn I’d seen em
Musta been a ghost