1. Behage Mor

From the recording Songs Sung in Silence

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Can’t you hear me screaming
It’s as loud as I can
They’ve bound and they’ve gagged me
Before I even began

Don’t know what they’re trying
But I know it ain’t right
Now I’m sinking deeper
Can’t put up a fight

They're trying to hurt me
With their needles and knives
It’s harder to keep breathing
With this hole in my side

Well I can’t believe it
You’re leading the charge
My loving protector
What is love afterall?

You said you would never
Leave my side
But here we are
You’re letting me die

They’re trying to kill me
But what can I do
All my hopes and defenses
Were confided in you

I’m sure you had reason
And it made sense in your head
It’s killing season
And now the lamb is dead

But I’ll keep pleading
Till help is found
Can’t stop all the bleeding
You’re the only hope that’s around

They’re trying to hurt me
But what can I do
My life is in your hands
And now it’s all up to you