1. Scenic Route

From the recording avata

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Feeling misused
Cause if the world don't care
Then you don't care
And nothing can hurt you

But you will lose
If you forfeit your ability
To overcome this tragedy
And walk away
A little smarter than before
It's another door
And if you
Travel down this path I pray
You'll find beauty
In everyway

So you fell down
And the blood
Is streaming down from your face
But now
Hear what I say
You are strong
And you will find a way

You feel imprisoned in your mind
With no escape in sight
You must break through these walls
To finally see the light

You must break through the walls around you

And when you feel so insecure
You can be sure
You need to find
A way to show yourself
You are the one
The master of your mind
Cause when the battle does begin
You need a strategy to win
Hold On