From the recording Avario

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He walked up the stairs that night
Just like every night
Every night since she left
Pictures adorned the walls
And served as reminders
Of the life that he once lived
With her

Up to the balcony he'd travel
A scared place that helped him breathe
There the memories would surround him
He'd always pray they'd never leave

Then he heard a voice
One that he swore he recognized
"Who's out there, show yourself or I'll be forced"
Then he finally realized

They sat and talked for hours
About their travels, kids and love
But as the dawn drew nearer
Her voice faded away
And all that was left was the dust

I've heard it said
That good things never last
And the best things in life
Slip like sand through your grasp

Now he was on the threshold
Of insanity and pain
He could stand it no longer
How could he lose her yet again

Then she called out his name
She said take this as my gift to you
A song to help you through the struggle and the strain
Until the kingdom comes for you