1. Souls Lament

From the recording Avario

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I wasn’t always, I wasn’t always this way
No I was a good man, just trying to pave my own way

But then they told me lies
And I was so afraid
Now I’m feelin
The consequence we laid

I’m gonna rot here, yeah I’m gonna rot here till I die
It was all for no reason, gives me reason to wonder why

Was it all worth it
All the things we had to do
No it wasn’t had to
It was because we wanted to, oh no

As I sit here in my cell
I think
Of all the things I could have been

When I finally get outta here, no I’ll never do it again
And if I ever see the light of day I swear to amend
But it ain’t possible, now I’m in it too deep
If I had one last say, this promised I would keep

Never again