1. Another Day

From the recording Avario

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So we start our story in the schoolyard
Where our hero prepares to fight
With himself, to find the courage
In his mind he does recite

What in the world do I say
Then he runs away

Everyday he'd wait up for her
In the hall or at the door
But everyday he'd let her pass on by
Though what do you expect, he was only four

They grew up side by side
But couldn't have been farther apart
In fact they never spoke a word
Just admiration from afar

What in the world could they say
I guess some other day

It seems so silly when you're older
But it's not so crazy now
As the sands fall and you roll over
Looking back you wonder how
You're in same place now

Well the day of final judgment
Befell upon the boy
Caps and gowns were London Calling
And he had to make a choice

So he strode up right beside her
Shaking hands and fluttered heart

This is the moment, all he's hoped for
Now a conversation he has to start

What in the world did he say
That's for another day