1. Maria

From the recording Avario

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Little Maria, she watches as the world goes
By, hoping someone will save her take her to another
Life, but here in the city everyone is the same ol’
Way, keep your head down be quiet, save your dreams for another day

Well here in the city we've seen all the stars fall
Down, dystopian spotlight just achin' to kick you
Round, but those who have stood strong have left this wretched
place, oh poor Maria put that smile back on your face

Well they can push you round, but you still have it all
And those who can't get up only deserve to fall
But I have faith in you and I know you can win
Just keep your chin up, girl, and be ready to begin

There's little Maria, standing there on the Broadway
Stage, I knew she'd make it when she was ready to turn the
page, no the city didn't hold her back, she just wasn't ready to
Go, and if you're scared my friend take a breath and soon you will know