1. Black Sky

From the recording Avario

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Recklessly spiraling
We gasp for air
There’s nobody there
No one to care

You see the light
Yeah I see it too
Can they hear our screams
Transmissions breaking though

We’ve been stranded for so long
I can barely remember a time before
Sinking pain rushing into my brain
Corrupting my mind
We’re running out of time

Can you save us
I wanna know how it feels to be alive
Air’s escaping, my heart is racing

I’ve never felt this way before
The stars don’t look like stars anymore
We’re on the outskirts of the world
Trying to find the answer
It’s gotta be

And if you hear this
When our time has come
Tell ‘em we won
Tell ‘em we won

We’re coming home
In a limousine
Or a body bag

We’ve learned too much
To be content
With our current flag

And if you feel me too
Then come on through
If your intent is true
Then we’re coming for you