The Avario Experience

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Thanks for coming to the page! With the Avario Experience you'll delve deeper with us into the creative process and gain access to exclusive content and merch!

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Here is What You Can Expect:

Music: Love having new music to listen to? We constantly write new music, so you can expect to see new songs added frequently. We often like to write in different styles, so a lots of songs will never be released, but they will live inside the Experience!

Song Commentaries: Interested in the tales behind the tunes? Every song has a story and now you can get access to over 70 commentaries, where we go over the meaning and inspiration behind the lyrics and music of every one of our songs.

Song Walkthroughs: Ever wonder how songs are made? We'll take you into our recording sessions and show you the nitty gritty details of our recording process and see the songs in a light that no one else ever will!

Live Vault: Do you love to watch down to earth, fan captured, live performances? We have a few shows under our belt and most of them have been recorded! Be one of the few who have seen these live shows, as they have not been released to the public!

Exclusive Videos: We've done some videos that defy al explanations, check them out!