The Avario Experience

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Hey this is Avario, we’re a two man band and we’ve been making music together for around 8 years. Currently, we are working as a plumber and an exterminator but our dream is to do music full time. The biggest hurdle on a local level, is the profit margin is very low. The methods big name acts use aren't viable for a small band. Avenues such as shows, merch and online streams cost significantly more money than they make. A lot of gigs are pay-to-play, quality merch is expensive even in bulk and one stream makes around $.005. Even our most streamed song, with 10k streams, has only earned us $50 while costing $1200 to promote.

Our goal as artists is to make music that is exciting, thoughtful and able to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Since we were kids, we’ve loved to share our passion with everyone we could. But now, we’d like to share the experience with more than who we can reach locally. This website gives us the opportunity to do that.

With each tier, you’ll be able to go deeper with us into the creative process. This is why we’ve decided to name this the Avario Experience; we’d like to share with you not only songs and videos, but the behind the scenes moments and inner workings of our band. 

So if you’re interested in supporting local artists or learning about the music making process, please consider subscribing. Each tier has a brief description of what is included. We understand that a monthly subscription is a lot to ask, so we’ve started our first tier at only $1 and it gives you access to all the music we’ll ever make.