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“This generation’s David Bowie…” – Anker

“Dude are you *beep* kidding me with these songs dude? These are *beep* amazing! Holy *beep*! Just sampling the track’s and I’m blown away.” – Dan

“Pure passionate power… raw rock and roll” – Dan… again





Hello! We are Avario a duo from everyone’s favorite state, New Jersey!

This project started as a fun hobby and musical release just for us and our friends, but now we’d like to share our music with the world. We jump all over the place concerning genre but if you’re interested in rock and pop music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, then you might find something to like here!

We have an album that you can check out and by signing up the the email list, you can receive two free demo tracks for unreleased songs (listen to samples below)! We’re constantly recording new songs and by signing up for the email list, you’ll be the first to hear new material!

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